Brain Teasers Corporate Team Building

Brain Teasers Corporate Team Building

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Brain Teasers Corporate Team Building

William Gibson has extensive experience in the management of space-science missions, payloads, instruments, and spacecraft avionic systems. He served as the project manager for the MIDEX imager for Magnetopause to Aurora Global Exploration, science payload manager for the New Horizons mission to Pluto, and project manager for the instrument suite science team on the Magnetospheric Multiscale mission through Phase A. Learn more about the Academy and PI Forums:

TIME what makes us tick? is it our inner clock, or are we part of a gigantic clockwork regulating our daily moves? Observed on a human scale, the very basic rhythm of every day is sunset and sunrise, we go in to bed and out of bed. A rhythm, so elementary and universal and at the same time so intimate. This is an impression of Sync’ by Max Hattler and ‘Bedrooms’ bij Nelleke Koop with music by Dennis van Tilburg. These were part of the ‘Time, what makes us tick?’ installation in the Open Mind series of Pavlov E-Lab, presented on the Noorderzon Performing Arts festival 2010. In this edition Max and Nelleke collaborated with chronobiologist Martha Merrow and physicist Eric Bergshoeff in their mutual exploration of the theme of Time.
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Brain Teasers Corporate Team Building
Brain Teasers Corporate Team Building

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Comments on Brain Teasers Corporate Team Building

July 1, 2012

partybro1987 @ 2:08 am #


carpo719 @ 2:12 am #

Learn to spell Christ and capitalize it for “Him”. After all, your god is an angry god- be careful with that one! Y’all!

benjamin02150 @ 2:43 am #

having crist in your live will save you from what’s coming………..

stockloc @ 2:55 am #

It’s cool for the first 3 minutes, then it gets very old.

timelapsenation @ 3:05 am #

Congratulations, your video made it to the Other Side of YouTube.

w w w. othersideofyoutube .c o m

DJdeadlyDALEK @ 3:45 am #

No shit. I did the same thing. Brutally boring video…

buckbig8 @ 4:24 am #

what the hell is this?!?!

12maxbr @ 5:02 am #

wth did i jast watch

JobesRandom @ 5:48 am #

lol wtf

RockinRockinChair @ 6:21 am #

For music only

wilders636 @ 6:28 am #

jesus is lord, and my gardner

youngjazz777 @ 6:34 am #

I’m glad i didn’t waste my time watching the whole video and instead reading this comment and scanned through it too. :D THANKS!

The7Magier @ 6:52 am #

stop 1:52= 10 °, the 10 bids
stop 3:52= pyramid in pyramid
stop 5:25= ☼
stop 6:06= Two circles, where the souls return home. rich in worship
stop 8:22= the infinity of the universe
stop 9:03 ► many signs from there
stop 7:07= 16 Earth-Sun systems with God
stop 6:22= °°°°° From then on energy forever the soul with God

☼Wood☮Dragon ☼~ * Θ ☼ ≡Δ≡ *****

psmike59favs @ 7:27 am #

it tickled my brain…

nitroray @ 8:11 am #

I saw women with boobs, mission accomplished.

Ohsky4 @ 8:28 am #

sounds reasonable, considering what it contains

GranFury440 @ 9:16 am #

. You didn’t spell the word scarred correctly. Scared and scarred are two different words. You are but a blink of an eye to the universe. In the grand scheme of things the universe is but a blink of an eye to the ever present oneness of indescribable nothingness. Hate is a temporary human concept. It will be deleted just the same as your idea of a self will be. You are nothing but a temporary perspective, no more real than any concept.

BlackJaguar1100 @ 10:03 am #

* scar-ed

BlackJaguar1100 @ 10:52 am #

I THINK U READ MY MESSAGE WRONG i mean scar as in cuts to my body because my body & mind are damaged by those who have attacked me bullyed me tortured me… the end of the universe is to fuckin far away i would bring about the universe’s destruction now if i could, i hate this place & everyone in it!

GranFury440 @ 11:09 am #

@BlackJaguar1100. I said finite, not infinite. Finite means there will be an end. The universe is not infinite. Eventually the universe will break down into nothing. The atoms, dark matter……….everything will decay. But don’t just take my word for it. Look it up. Why be scared? Even the concept of fear will be gone. The idea of a self is temporary. The self is an illusion. In the end it’s all one.

BlackJaguar1100 @ 11:24 am #

i think u mean “infinite” but i got wot u meant strait away, try being as good as dead for the rest of your life cause thats wot i am im physicaly scared & mentaly scared all i long for is death & he’s takeing to frickin long

GranFury440 @ 11:40 am #

@BlackJaguar1100. Once again, truths are only temporary aspects of functionality relegated to a contextualization. No truth is an absolute, no truth is the end all be all in a finite universe. Truths are finite, they are temporary and are not the end all and be all. There is nothing actually concrete. Everything has an end including truths lol. Funny you mention death. I have experienced a near death situation.

BlackJaguar1100 @ 11:43 am #

RIGHT SURE OK????? Do me a favour go outside go to places like soho-london, France-the somme & wot used to be dresden that is wot u call the real world to get to other worlds u know the only way to = Death… die come back & then u have the right to tell me if this world/universe is real or not.. O 1 more favour get a catscan for your brain & dont try your mind fuck tactics on me cause i’ve allso got the skill it’s called truth yours is make up bullshit & hope it sticks

GranFury440 @ 12:26 pm #

@BlackJaguar1100. Lol. Just because something is visible doesn’t make it real. Changes from a past are only validations of belief systems within the borders of a contextualization. Objective observations are merely temporary aspects of functionality relegated to a finite paradigm. Anything that can have an end is not an absolute. (The universe will end.) An individual in a dream doesn’t question the dream content, unless of course they become lucid.

BlackJaguar1100 @ 12:49 pm #

You say the past does’nt exist physically… well thats wrong due to WWI+II it may be in the past but the damage to the landscape is still visible so your just wrong